ESG: Learn with 5 Failure Cases

WARNING: When reading this book, your ESG bubble will burst, and there's no turning back.


ESG has distorted management. Discover where the mistake lies.

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  • Unprecedented analyses of real cases to keep you informed about the current ESG management context.

  • Simple language, easy reading, and straight to the point. It’s not a technical book.

  • Understand once and for all the confusion between Corporate Sustainability and ESG (page 23).

  • Discover why the quantity of ESG practices doesn’t matter (page 130).

  • What almost no one understood: why ESG can inflate corporate values (page 135).

  • The truth about ESG. Avoid falling into a manipulated market (page 37).

  • 5 cases of failure and 1 bonus case of success for you not to make the same mistakes and stand out in the market.

  • Access a preview of the ESG+ express tool in an EMBRAPA live session (page 154).

  • Discover why ESG bad practices have become almost deadly for organizations.

  • + 15 management traps for you to be sharp and learn to act with caution.

  • Understand the Trojan Horse practice and stop falling into this trap definitively (page 71).

  • Discover popular beliefs that proved wrong in ESG. They can change your perceptions forever (page 127).

  • Discover what few know and almost no one applies: why we fail in the fundamental practice of information checking (page 121).

  • 65 insights to enhance your knowledge in business and the market.

  • It’s about 70 pages (ABNT standard) of pure ESG analysis, without beating around the bush.

  • THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX with 3 relevant and free articles recommended throughout the e-book.

  • + 80 sources of information for you to check where the points were connected.

  • Discover which leg of the ESG tripod is most important (page 87).

  • Understand the reason why you should NEVER ignore the ESG GOLDEN TIP (page 139).

  • Learn about the most harmful ESG practice (page 142).

  • Find out what you won’t find in any course: the future of ESG in methodology and tools (page 144).

Note: The pages mentioned above refer to the desktop version of the e-book.


The proceeds will be allocated to Aware Alliance.

Aware Alliance is an INDEPENDENT and NON-PROFIT initiative focused on fostering ESG+. It has been forged since 2014, with the aim of strengthening responsible business practices. Today, it has concepts and tools to carry out COMMUNITY WORK, guide the most sustainable practices, and strengthen organizational solidity. Purchase the e-book and add this initiative to your legacy.

I loved the ebook. Looking forward to the new version (the next book about success cases). I sent it to some researcher friends to read so we can have an internal discussion (at EMBRAPA).
Janaína Kimpara
Technology Transfer at Embrapa
Leveraging colloquial language, the author provides insights into ESG challenges from the perspective of her empirical experience within an organization. I read it in one sitting. The book is dynamic and straightforward.
Renata Pessoa
Manager and Partner at Mônaco Investimentos
Excellent book! Sensational! Worth reading. Every entrepreneur should seek out where others have failed, whether in technological innovation or not.
Plínio Higasi
Dirias | Digital Rights Association founder
This is an e-book that, at first glance, tempts you to read it in one go. But once you start reading, you realize that you necessarily need to pause to reflect and question yourself. With a dynamic and essential narrative, Lenah Sakai shows mistakes and presents solutions for what can be a point of strength or weakness in management: governance. At the beginning of the reading, the acronym ESG has something of a mystery with something scary, since right at the beginning you get the clear idea that "failures in the execution of ESG generate gigantic losses for organizations". It is an e-book to be read and reread and serves for any human organization. Congratulations to Lenah. As I like to say and repeat: it is easier to spend a journey in the desert carrying stones, than to write a paragraph that is objective, clear and easily understandable for the other person, especially when it comes to a new subject.
Frei Hangalo
Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, Head of the IT Department of the General Curia in Rome

author's message

I wrote this e-book with the aim of highlighting flaws in the execution of ESG. They are causing massive losses to organizations and, most importantly, to the people involved. The impacts that should be positive, end up becoming almost fatal to organizations.

And to make matters worse, week after week, I read news about the same mistakes being made by different companies. This makes me ‘nervous’ in the sense of: ‘I need to do something about it.’ So, in addition to writing articles, making videos, giving lectures, organizing events, and creating tools, I worked on written and organized content. 

The idea is to invoke the knowledge and experience I have accumulated with startups, businesses in general, and investments to share with the community. I hope to contribute to my fellow entrepreneurs, investors, managers, technitians, consultants, and anyone interested. 

Attention, you who arrived here on someone’s recommendation, I don’t know what they are saying about the book, but I can only guarantee what I have detailed on this page, ok?

The book is easy to read, with simple, pragmatic language and no beating around the bush. The goal is not to offer technical content but somenthing more fluid. The ESG manager should be like a general practitioner, analyzing the whole before seeking specialists in each area.  

To my fellow investors, I focused more on management practices and less on financial analysis here. Let’s remember that it is through practices that we can generate value and identify the direction of companies. 

But I adhere to market reality. The important thing is to understand what is happening and the results. Whats someone ‘believe’, what ‘should ‘ happen, or what is ‘written’ on paper are mere speculations. Paper accepts everything, and even parrotscan speak words.

And, contrary to what has been said, ESG does not necessarily only generate more expenses. They can and should generate revenue, productivity, and more competitiveness.

That’s why, in addition to the 5 cases of failure, I included a bonus success case for you. In it, you can taste responsible practices that generate real value and strengthen organizational solidity. It’s already a warm-up for an upcoming e-book of success cases. Stay tuned. 

And, to conclude, I dedicated the proceeds from this e-book to Aware Alliance, our independent and non-profit initiative to promote responsible organizational practices. 

With work iniciated since 2014, innovation has matured, and today it has its own concepts and tools to support its activities. (Get to know our story)

The essence is to cause a great transformation in the global living conditions from the biggest impactors on the planet, the organizations (for-profitor non-profit, private or government). 

We thank everyone who is collaborating and being part of this cause. 

Technical notes:  

– To facilitate reading, especially for those with visual difficulties, I do not follow editorial standards. The e-book has two formats, both PDF. One for desktop/tablet and another for smartphones. 

– Information sources follow at the end of each chapter. 

– To refer to myself, I often use the pronoun in the plural. This reflects the knowledge I have built together with my partners. 

– The e-book may receive corrections and updates. New versions will be available for free download for everybody who has already acquired it. We will notify through our newsletter


Lenah Sakai 


Former athlete, minimalist, and entrepreneur. Founder of the Green Business Post, she accumulated over 10 years of experience in business and sustainability.

Co-created QUENVA, a tool for analyzing startups and businesses. Inspired by it, she created ESG+ pro and ESG+ express, tools that guide best practices.

Co-founded: Cultura Empreendedora, Ignitions – a startup holding company, Angel Investors League, DIRIAS – Brazil’s first digital law association, ABICANN – Brazil’s first cannabis industries association.

She manages a network of over 5 million people in the national and international entrepreneurial ecosystem.